Heritage Landmarks

The Rosalie Village precinct is bookended by heritage landmarks with Milton State School on Bayswater Street and the former Rosalie School of Arts Commemoration Hall and Little Citizens Free Kindergarten on the corners of Nash and Elizabeth Streets.

Milton State School – 1889 

Milton State School was established in 1889 as Rosalie State School on land originally known as ‘Red Jacket Swamp’. The school continues to operate from this original site, and its Depression-era Brick School Building is a local landmark. Adjacent to Gregory Park and framed by mature trees, it is an attractive and prominent feature of the area.

Rosalie School of Arts Commemoration Hall – 1928

The 1920s saw increased development in Rosalie, and the Rosalie Progress Association sponsored a Rosalie School of Arts Committee, for the purpose of erecting a Memorial Hall. The community funded the construction of the Rosalie School of Arts Commemoration Hall (also known as the RSL Hall) which opened in 1928.  

The large timber building, on the corner of Nash and Elizabeth Streets, has a multi-level stepped design which is a significant feature of the precinct. The ground floor of the Nash Street frontage, below the level of the main hall, was designed to accommodate two shops.  The shop currently occupied by Global Eyes contained a Dressmaker in 1930, Trump Cycles from 1938 to 1942, and a sub-centre of the Maternal and Child Welfare Service from 1942, which was still open one day a week in 1978. The shop which is now home to Made. By Jessika. contained a Bootmaker’s business between 1935 and 1947. The RSL sold the property in 2004, and the hall itself currently contains The Method. Pilates and Barre studio. There is also Brow Squad on the ground floor directly under the hall, accessed from the carpark on Elizabeth Street. Paddington Massage occupies the small house at 52 Elizabeth Street, which sits just to the north of the hall. 

Little Citizens Free Kindergarten – 1935

The Little Citizens Free Kindergarten was built in 1935 at 57 Elizabeth Street and continues to operate as the C & K Rosalie Community Kindergarten and Preschool. It is rare in Queensland as a purpose-built kindergarten constructed before World War Two. 

Explore Rosalie Village and its surrounding streets using the Reminisce in Rosalie Heritage Trail to delve further into the stories behind this historic area.

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