Rosalie’s destination for gourmet eats & entertainment

Urban heart, boutique spirit

Where historic suburban charm meets the latest trends in dining and entertainment. Rosalie Village is a modern take on Brisbane tradition.

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Rosalie Village. It's where locals meet, eat & enjoy

A hotspot for community in Inner Brisbane

Rosalie Village sees Baroona Road absolutely bustling with culture, whether it’s a weekday at lunch, where everyone is out running errands and ticking boxes on their to-do lists, a Saturday afternoon where friends are catching up over a wine, or a Sunday morning, where the locals are getting breakfast and coffee, and setting up their weeks to come.

Rosalie Village is the community heart of Paddington.

Rosalie's spot for fresh, gourmet food and drinks

Visit Rosalie Village for deliciously gourmet food from local cafes, restaurants, and eateries. Create a wholesome morning routine by dropping by Eighty Six Cafe for a coffee and picking up a pastry from Banette. Or, for an afternoon to evening moment, you can drop by Patio, the neighbourhood bar. With so many cuisines and different atmospheres available, there’s something for everyone.

Rosalie Village offers a dining hub, one that’s become a renowned haven for foodies across Brisbane.

Rosalie Village marries rich Brisbane history with the now

Rosalie Village is proud to sit in the midst of rich Brisbane history. Surrounded by architecture that dates back to the 1800s, you can feel Brisbane’s history as you walk down Baroona Road.

It’s a locality that is quintessentially Brisbane and today, that historic charm is married with modern dining, twinkling tree-lined streets, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Here's what you'll find at Rosalie Village

Unique restaurants & culinary experiences

With 20+ cafes and restaurants, there's bound to be something new to try at Rosalie Village.

Everything at your fingertips

From pilates to dry cleaners and through to real estate agents — all of your service providers are in easy reach at Rosalie Village.

A perfect night out

Date night or catching up with friends, Rosalie Village offers the perfect 'dinner and a movie' experience.

Gourmet market shopping

Trade in the typical supermarket fare for gourmet markets, butchers, and bakeries.

A boutique experience

Access a curated collection of dining experiences, service providers, and more in a small, boutique atmosphere.

Local convenience & charm

Rosalie Village offers that local, down-the-road convenience, with a certain charm that's reminiscent of a small town.

A vibrant hub for Paddington locals & Brisbanians

Rosalie Village Insider's Guide

Start off your perfect date with a range of dining and entertainment at Rosalie Village.

When you need that special pampering, Rosalie Village is the perfect destination.

Night with the crew

Hit up Rosalie Village with your crew and experience a great night out.

A precinct dedicated to Paddington & surrounds

Rosalie Village is the perfect place to meet.

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Come & experience it for yourself

Rosalie Village is where the locality’s historic charm meets the latest trends in food, drink, and entertainment. Come and experience it for yourself.